Theological Identity

  • Redeemer is an evangelical and reformed church.
  • Redeemer is evangelical in that it believes the bible is God’s inerrant, inspired, and authoritative Word and faith in Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.
  • Redeemer is reformed in that it holds to the five “solas” of the Reformation with special emphasis on God’s sovereignty and glory.

Sola Scriptura: “By Scripture Alone”
The Bible is the only measure and ultimate authority for all matters of faith and life.

Solus Christus: “By Christ Alone”
Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man. The only way of salvation.

Sola Gratia: “By Grace Alone”
Grace is the only method of divine salvation–we cannot save ourselves.

Sola Fide: “By Faith Alone”
Faith is the only means by which the righteousness of Christ is imputed.

Soli Deo Gloria: “To God Alone be the Glory”
God’s glory is the chief end of man and the motivation for living.

A full statement of our doctrinal commitments can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith and catechisms.