Forming a Christian World View and Life View and a vision for Westminster Christian High School ()

Tony FelichTony Felich, August 28, 2005
Part of the Redeemer Vision series, preached at a Morning Worship service

What is a world and life view?
It is the way that one views the world and life as it exists in and around humanity. It is the way on views reality. Every person living has a world and life view. He may or may not be conscious of that view, but he lives his life in accord with that view. Either he sees God as totally soverign in every sphere of life and every part of the world, or he makes man sovereign in some or all spheres of life. The two views are antithetical.

How is a Christian world and life view to be developed in our children?
– By God’s supernatural work (Word and Spirit)
-Through parents faithfully teaching God’s Word and about His World.
– By Churches equipping and assisting in this mission

How can a Church equip and assist in developing a Christian world and life view in our children?
– By maintaining Biblical worship, preaching, teaching, encouragement, & community life
– By promoting Christian Education
– By providing a Christian School

The time is right to begin our High School ministry!
– Christian Education is a stewardship from God
– These are desperate days for the culture, our country, the Church must take the lead!
– Planting an orchard


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