Gospel Solutions for Grief (John 11:1-44)

Nathan CurreyNathan Currey, November 13, 2011
Part of the Gospel Solutions for Life’s Problems series, preached at a Morning Worship service

I. What Grief Is And Isn’t
a. Biblical Context and Examples
b. Common Misunderstandings-Grief Is Sinful, Stages of Grief
c. Temptations Related to Grief-Doubt/Worry, Anger, Envy,
Self Pity

II. A Pathway Toward Godly Grief
a. Obstacles to Godly Grieving
b. Right View of God & Glory
c. Right View of Loss

III. Practical Strategies for Navigating Grief
a. Dimensions of Processing Loss Biblically-Disorganization,
Acceptance, Reorganization
b. Practical Adjustments in Life
c. Seek the Savior


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