No God But God (Joshua 23:1-16)

Nathan CurreyNathan Currey, April 24, 2005
Part of the Exposition of Joshua series, preached at a Morning Worship service

I. See What the Lord Has Done
A. He Has Fought for You v3
B. He Has Given Your Inheritance v4

II. Dangerous Associations
A. With False Gods
1. Don’t Make Mention of Them
2. Don’t Swear By Them
3. Don’t Serve Them
4. Don’t Bow to Them
B. With People Serving False Gods
1. Don’t Cling to Them
2. Don’t Marry Them
3. Don’t Associate With Them

III. Results of Association
A. Snares & Traps
B. Scourges On Your Sides
C. Thorns In Your Eyes
D. Until Death Do You Part

IV. Have No God But God
A. Hold Fast To The Lord
B. Love The Lord


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