When Alter-Cation Arise (Joshua 22:10-34)

Nathan CurreyNathan Currey, March 6, 2005
Part of the Exposition of Joshua series, preached at a Morning Worship service

I. A Zeal For Unity
A. The Perceived Problem Lev 17, Deut 12
B. The Peace & Purity
C. Liberals or Legalists

II. Lessons For the Accuser
A. Try to Find the Truth v.13 (Don’t React Before Hearing the Whole Story)
B. Don’t Assume Guilt Over Innocence v. 16 (Don’t Assume Motives)
C. Don’t Overreact v. 17 & 20 (Know When to Give It Up v. 33)

III. Lessons For the Accused
A. Remain Calm & Humble (A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath)
B. Agree On Scripture (Be Willing To Admit Fault)
C. Live Above Reproach (Live In Your Integrity)


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