Christ-Driven Ministry (Colossians 1:24-29)

Tony FelichTony Felich, October 15, 2006
Part of the Exposition of Colossians series, preached at a Morning Worship service

Here, we as a church, have great encouragement and guidance concerning what Redeemer’s ministry should be about.

Redeemer’s Ministry should be about:

I. Suffering for Christ
A. Jesus gives us our example
B. Suffering happens in varying degrees
C. No Suffering at all? Something is wrong then

II. Teamwork for the good of Christ’s Body
A. We are part of a team, a family: God’s people
B. We must overcome the “individualism” of our day

III. Proclaiming the Word of God about Christ
A. Teach and Preach the bible thoroughly
B. Teach how Christ is the focus of all Scripture
C. Teach how Christ is the answer to our lives

IV. Guiding people to maturity in Christ
A. Teaching and preaching Christ honestly and accurately
B. Don’t settle for superficiality or mediocrity!
C. It’s not easy, we’ll need God’s power


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