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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by Jon Meyers


2012 Spring Adult Sunday School Classes

*The Mark of A Christian
*Changing Hearts Changing Lives
*Trusting God
*II Corinthians
*Meet the Pastor

Our Spring quarter runs from March through May.

The Mark Of A Christian
Book Study
Taught by Dan Guinn
Room 43 of the Lower Level of the Sanctuary

What is the mark of a Christian? What are the defining characteristics of a follower of Christ? In this concise, 38 page, easy to ready, Francis Schaffer booklet we will explore one of the most significant teachings of the Christian faith. You will discover a guiding rule in scripture that is both practical and profound. One that can be applied to the whole of life and can thoroughly transform your life. It is a teaching that was commanded by Christ, and yet is still largely misunderstood today. Join us for The Mark Of A Christian. [Mark Of A Christian YouTube playlist]

Changing Hearts Changing Lives
Video Series
Taught by Pastor Nathan Currey
Room 44 of the Lower Level of the Sanctuary

This series considers these questions: Why do our good intentions and willpower translate into failure and frustration rather than change that lasts?; Why is growing in our knowledge and love of Jesus Christ critical to change that reaches to the heart and essential for living to his glory?; In what ways does God use us to comfort, challenge, and convey hope to others, while he continues to change us?

And responds by: Providing a biblical model of change that shows the connection between our heart (the “root”) and our actions (the “fruit”).; Presenting an approach for personal ministry that promotes being practical and wise, and incarnating the love of Christ to those in need.; Stimulating a desire for continuing growth in our own relationship with the Lord so that he might use us more effectively in the lives of others.

Trusting God
Book Study
Taught by Elder Mike Preston
Room 45 of the Lower Level of the Sanctuary

Trusting God is a study prepared by Jerry Bridges. In this study, Bridges makes the case for the trustworthiness of God by taking us through a Biblical study of three of God’s attributes, His sovereignty, wisdom and love. By focusing on these attributes, Bridges shows that an all powerful, infinitely wise and loving God can be trusted to work all things together both for His glory and for the good of those that have placed their faith in Him. It is his hope that with this knowledge, we will be equipped to continue to grow and mature in our faith even in the face difficult and trying circumstances where God’s purposes can be obscured or difficult to discern.

2 Corinthians (Part 1)
Book of the Bible Study
Taught by Elder Bob Reymond
Room 46 of the Lower Level of the Sanctuary

In his former epistle the apostle Paul had signified his intentions of coming to Corinth, as he passed through Macedonia, but, being providentially hindered for some time, he writes this second epistle to them.  There seem to be these two urgent occasions:  1) The case of the censured person, required that with all speed he should be restored and received again into communion. This therefore he gives directions about, and afterwards he declares the satisfaction he had upon the intelligence he received of their good behavior in that resolution process. 2) There was a contribution now making for the poor saints at Jerusalem, in which he exhorts the Corinthians to join. Join us as we walk through this insightful letter that deals with relevant issues today.

Meet the Pastor
Led by Pastor Tony Felich
Room 47 of the Lower Level of the Sanctuary

The first six weeks of the quarter, Pastor Tony introduces visitors and regular attenders to Redeemer, covering topics such as the history, leadership, theology, and ministries of Redeemer.

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2012 Spring Adult Sunday School Classes

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